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Greyzdorf Builds, Owns, And Buys New Construction Single-Family Rental Portfolios


Greyzdorf Communities consist of single-family homes. As a result, we can sell our rental communities in bulk—as a single asset, based on a capitalization rate—or as individual homes to end users. Greyzdorf will make this decision in response to rental and sales trends in the market.

executive Airbnb rentals

Airbnb, the largest peer-to-peer exchange service for hospitality around the world. Greyzdorf luxury executive Airbnb rental properties like high-end hotels, rooms fetch a premium price on weekends and holidays. Executive travelers charge expenses to their companies as corporate clients.

Asset Management

Our Asset-Management Platform is for a diverse group of capital partners who are Institutional and private investors. Besides traditional investors, Greyzdorf is concentrating on two other types of investors, crypto Investors, and foreign Investors.

Affordable Rental Home Builders

Managed by Greyzdorf

Greyzdorf Constructs Class A Communities

Greyzdorf provides investors with access to Class A newly constructed single-family rental homes with annual dividends from rental income of 10-12%. Dividends are provided through fractional ownership with property management maintain by Greyzdorf. Greyzdorf constructs Class A communities in high-growth markets, where new household formations and declining starter home inventories create favorable demand. These communities include all of the amenities of a luxury multifamily community, including swimming pools, gyms, play areas, and dog parks, along with the low-maintenance lifestyle that renting provides. These benefits lead to low expense ratios and strong occupancy. Investors have a unique opportunity to gain an indirect fragmented equity ownership stake in Greyzdorf Communities.

Renters Love a Touch of Green

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Benefits of investing in green homes

Today, we spend 90 percent of our time indoors, much of which is in a house or apartment. The conditions of homes play an important role when it comes to health, the environment and quality of life. Green homes, like those that are LEED certified, provide healthier, more sustainable spaces and create economic incentives for companies.

Luxury Executive Airbnb Properties

Managed By Greyzdorf

Executive Rentals for International Business Travelers

Greyzdorf gives business executive travelers the tools they need to maintain their wellness and productivity when traveling. While high-end luxury hotel prices do rival those of Greyzdorf Executive Airbnbs, the expanded amenities available in the latter accommodation make the choice obvious.

A Buyer of New Construction Single Family Rental Portfolios

Managed by Greyzdorf

Greyzdorf BTR LLC

Greyzdorf BTR is a blockchain technology research company that introduces GreyzEx, a hybrid asset backed platform that establishes a relationship between fiat-backed and asset-backed stablecoins.

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